Desk diy

Here's the original post I wrote on how to make an easy diy desk.

Cost: $40 + $30 for new ikea legs

Things we used around the house:
+ 1 file cabinet
+ half of an old shelf (yes Jordan sawed it in half)

Purchased items:
+ 4 pine boards
+ early american dark stain
+ a few 2x4 boards for support under the desk
+ flat brackets for under the desk to hold the boards together

How to:
Unless you are good with tools I suggest you ask your handy boyfriend or husband to help out with that part. You need to figure out the length of the wall you want to put the desk on. Our wall is 9ft and we cut the boards a little shorter so it wasn't too tight against the wall. We put our file cabinet on the left side, and the half book shelf on the right. After we put the boards together using the 2x4's underneath and the flat brackets, we sanded and stained it. Then all we had to do was set the desk on top of the shelf and cabinet. Done!

Total time: around 5 hours.