"The Me, My Selfie and I" book #theselfiebook

I am so excited to share this project!!! #theselfiebook was this a really great idea thought up by Elizabeth Kartchner, creative director of the Dear Lizzy scrapbooking line, and editor of the Dear Lizzy blog. I actually worked with Liz on a few of her scrapbooking lines for American Crafts. When Liz reached out to me to help bring #theselfiebook to life, I was so in. The idea was to create a coloring book, that was also interactive and had a memory keeping element to it, the coloring book you'll want to keep. The book has questions to answer, treasure hunts to explore in your own backyard, and dress up, yep dress up. 

How cute is this promo video Liz made featuring her daughter! #totesadorbs.

What's so great about the "Me, My Selfie & I" Book is that it's not selfish at all, for every book sold, one book is donated to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Ut. 

You can purchase a book here: http://www.cake-kids.com 

Below are some process photos I took while working on the book.

I incorporated a lot of brush typography and a thick outlined illustration style that would be simple for young kids to color inside, or outside the lines!

Also using water colors to fill in some shapes while leaving other areas open for coloring. 

Above is an early character I had illustrated, but ended up feeling too baby. Also we decided to leave the ice cream blank so you can color it your fave flavor. 

I had originally thought to fill in the above illustrations with lines, but ended up leaving it open for journaling space, or for kids to use their own imaginations! 


Hope you enjoyed the process photos! high five!