Designer Vaca / Palm Springs / Ace Hotel

I'd go back. Ace Hotel + Palm Springs + rad designer ladies just like me. Yes please. What made this event so great was that there were no back to back speakers, no dressing up, no business cards in your face, just good poolside conversations about what we do and love, design. 

This video from 2014 by Ellay Films sums it up pretty nicely.

There was an opening night dance party to kick off the 3 day Designer Vaca, where Promise and Alyssa (the founders of the event) reminded everyone to "leave our egos at the door" and to just have fun! 

photo on the left: opening dance party, complete with balloons. on the right, a pic my friend snapped of me taking photos of everything everywhere. 

the room was great, good smelling shampoo, comfy beds,  and the decor had a fun hipster vibe which I loved! 

Everything will be ok.

on the left: super cute temporary tats from Tattly, on the right: poolside design chats. 

On the last day there was a pretty great q+a with Jessica Hische who answered a lot of questions on the topic of being a mom and juggling design work, which I'm not in that stage of life yet, but was still cool to hear how she approaches the new busy schedule and manages time with clients. 

We had a few hours to spare before flying back to Seattle, so we waked around downtown to check out all the cool mid-century modern furniture shops. Then stopped in at the Moorten Botanical Gardens. 

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Adventure / Blanca Lake

I've wanted to hike to Blanca lake for a while, obsessively stalking the hashtag on instagram seeing everyones photos of the ice blue glacier-fed lake. So for my birthday Jordan and I made the trek, a 3,000 foot gain in 3 miles, switch back after switchback. Then a 600 foot muddy decent to the lake. It was a tough hike for me but so worth it! My new life goal is to get in shape enough to backpack to the lake and camp there!

Jordan snapped this pic while I was trying to make sure I wasn't going to fall, and I like the way it turned out better than the cheesy smile I had in the one that followed. :)




Jordan and i were trying to make serious faces, like we weren't impressed, but we just couldn't help smiling!

"The Me, My Selfie and I" book #theselfiebook

I am so excited to share this project!!! #theselfiebook was this a really great idea thought up by Elizabeth Kartchner, creative director of the Dear Lizzy scrapbooking line, and editor of the Dear Lizzy blog. I actually worked with Liz on a few of her scrapbooking lines for American Crafts. When Liz reached out to me to help bring #theselfiebook to life, I was so in. The idea was to create a coloring book, that was also interactive and had a memory keeping element to it, the coloring book you'll want to keep. The book has questions to answer, treasure hunts to explore in your own backyard, and dress up, yep dress up. 

How cute is this promo video Liz made featuring her daughter! #totesadorbs.

What's so great about the "Me, My Selfie & I" Book is that it's not selfish at all, for every book sold, one book is donated to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Ut. 

You can purchase a book here: 

Below are some process photos I took while working on the book.

I incorporated a lot of brush typography and a thick outlined illustration style that would be simple for young kids to color inside, or outside the lines!

Also using water colors to fill in some shapes while leaving other areas open for coloring. 

Above is an early character I had illustrated, but ended up feeling too baby. Also we decided to leave the ice cream blank so you can color it your fave flavor. 

I had originally thought to fill in the above illustrations with lines, but ended up leaving it open for journaling space, or for kids to use their own imaginations! 


Hope you enjoyed the process photos! high five!

Hike to Rachel Lake

A few weeks ago it was my friend Rachel's birthday, so fittingly we hiked to Rachel Lake. Here are some pics I shot on the iphone during the hike. 




The day we went was so hot and muggy! Made us all want to jump in the lake, if we were ever going to get to it! Seemed like it was so far, even though it was only 4 miles!

Loved all the cool plants, had to snap a pic of this fern leaf!

I love to pack my instax mini everywhere I go! The little instant photos make me so happy!

The water fall made an appearance every so often throughout the hike. So perfect.

Ira Spring Trail / mason lake

Several weeks ago I finally went on this hike, a friend from work had been telling me about it for a while, and I just never made the time to go! So we finally put it in the calendar and made it happen! This hike is really beautiful! I can't wait to go back. Here are some photos I took on my iphone on our way to Mason Lake. 




Alt Summit Pt. 2 / summer overview


It all started with this photo my friend Annie posted on instagram. I had tagged her in their contest announcement, #AltWithaFriend, and said hey we should do this. So she posted this pic, and we won! So if it weren't for her this fun trip wouldn't had happened! So thanks for tagging me as your friend, and big thanks to Alt Summit and Instagram for making this happen. Click on the photo to see the original post, and to follow Annie because her feed is on point. So we bought plane tickets, booked an air bnb and went to Salt Lake City. The conference was held at the Grand America Hotel, which was a little spendy to stay at, hence the air bnb. You can see where we stayed in this post. Anyways enjoy this long post about our 3 days at Alt Summit Summer 2015!

I have been procrastinating in a huge way, every time I sat down to edit photos, or type this post nothing happened. Which is ironic considering Alt Summit is a blogging conference full of information on how to be a better blogger, become more organized, and get stuff done. I had so much fun, but I left feeling exhausted. 


I tend to be more of an introvert, which means I get energy when I'm by myself. I can re-charge when doing my own thing. It takes a lot out of me to jump into a social activity. This doesn't mean that I'm not social, I like to hang out with friends, work on collaborative projects, go to fun social events like Alt. Hey i'll even play along, introduce myself and pass out my business card. But I can only take so much before I shut down and need to find my own corner, and maybe a cup of coffee to just reflect on my own thoughts. The above photo was something Annie and I staged after the first day at alt, I felt drained, I was thinking, ok 2 more days of smiles and introductions then I can go home, hang out with my bunny Lolah and catch up on my hulu shows! Alt was fun, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, I enjoy traveling and new experiences, but i'm not used to all the chit chat that goes along with networking. So with that said, enjoy some photos, some tips, and some food pics from Alt Summer 2015.

Tuesday night sponsor dinners, Annie and I signed up for the Gumroad dinner, it was fantastic and we met some awesome new friends, it was so nice to sit down to a dinner and make genuine connections. Gum road is a great resource for selling online e-books, courses, and more you can check out more by visiting their website.


How cute are these socks from Alt sponsor Woven Pear! They had a great set up where you could choose a pair of socks, jump on this cute bed in a perfectly styled "bedroom booth" and take some cool pics for your social media and obviously help promote their brand with hashtags. They did a great job, and everyone got to walk away ( literally hehe) with a free pair of socks.

One of my fave classes was the class Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show taught. She knows how to keep a captive audience. Her presentation was awesome, her stage presence was not at all boring and sometimes when she was super excited about what she was talking about she would dance. Her class was about how to make money with an online course. I can't jam all of her advice into this post, but I would check out her website, and look into gumroad for generating an e-course. 

I n s t a g r a m  101

I loved the instagram class! i learned a ton, and as a daily instagram user this panel really opened my eyes to the potential this platform offers! Did you know you can monetize your feed! I immediately started scrolling though my feed, editing out old photos and started to create a cohesive look and feel for all my posts, my goal is to create a space where I can eventually generate some income, and not to mention it's so much fun. I LOVE instagram, I actually have started taking a big interest in social media in general lately, I really never saw it's full capability. So big shout out to the ladies who spoke: Trisha Hughes / eat your beets, Jenny Komenda / little green notebook, Kirsten Grove / simply grove, and Jordan Ferney / oh happy day. Thanks to their advice I really found my passion for styling and photography again!


Any spare moment I had I would sneak away to this bakery in the hotel, need I say more. The strawberry gelato was so refreshing in the dry summer weather in Utah!

At the end of day one Annie and I took an Uber back to our Air BnB to take naps, reflect on the day and get ready for the black and white party. I was pretty much exhausted, but learned a lot about social media, collaborating with brands and how to deal with online negativity. 

I am shocked I didn't fall in these shoes at the black and white party, if you know me at all you know I pretty much stick to flats with the occasional wedge. But I had a blast dressing up, I don't do that often. The food at the black and white party was miniature, so we went out for some actual food across the street at the Little America after. 

Alt Summer / Day 2

Annie and I were pretty tired from the day before, so we slept in, then headed to Blue Lemon for some lunch, which was a pretty good choice, these asian chicken salads were delicious. After lunch we headed over to the Grand America for the rest of day two and hit some really great classes! 

Macy's was a sponsor so went right to their Photo Booth to take an #americanselife

Also how awesome is my friend Annie Ashley! She put this video together, and you can see the full video recap on her blog! Click here to check it out!

These adorable pins from Oh Happy Day made my day! #totesadorbs 


I didn't take as many photos or notes the second day, but here's some photos from the pink party! I think the closing party was another one of the highlights, all the introductions were over and I had actually made some cool new friends to hang out with, and take a billion photos in the Photo Booth bus!


So overall Alt Summit Summer was a lot of fun, really tiring, but I learned so much, got out of my comfort zone, and met some awesome people. Hope you enjoyed this super long, and slightly all over the place post!